Project Description

This is the 2003 Masters Annual from the Augusta National Golf Club. Each year the tournament is documented in this book. Photographers, writers and graphic designers come together to showcase the events of the week. Once the book is completed each player who participated receives a copy. 2003 was the year Mike Weir broke Tiger Wood’s wining streak to be the first Canadian and lefty to win the tournament.

This was a special honor to have the opportunity to not only bring all the images and writings together, but to actually go to the tournament from a behind the scenes prospective. As the graphic designer, I worked closely with a couple of professional photographers and a writer to bring the book together. All the books from each year can be found on the bookshelf in the clubhouse. The outside cover/binding is always the same. The inside will always tell a different story.

Project Details

  • ClientMasters Annual
  • DateApril 2003
  • TechnologyWhile working with Pachyderm Press