Logo Design


Miller Designs creates custom designed logos and corporate identities to illustrate your business. A good logo should be simple, but provide a detailed description of your business with an image or images.

“White space is a wondrous thing…”

Keep it simple, but allow visual interaction between your product and your brand to make a lasting impression.

Print Design


Print advertising still works even in today’s busy market. Print readers tend to be more focused and take the time to reflect on your product. Magazines and newspapers provide a consistent display of your ad with specific placements.

Print can be even more effective when coupled with the internet. Once you read or see an ad which provokes feeling you then may choose to share on your favorite media platform.

A print ad should still have an eye catching image or tagline to draw you in.

  • The reader will want the information about your product or service in a succinct manner.
  • If an ad is too busy a reader will not want to look for information.
  • Keep it simple and clean; less is more.

Web Design


Websites provide a visual tool for customers or potential customers to browse and learn more about your business. Your company’s website should be easy to navigate, and the homepage should bring the viewer in right away. Too much information to start with will turn most away.

Make it visually stimulating, and interesting.

Customers will also want to follow your business to keep up with changes, interesting facts or events that your company may have to offer. Keeping your site up to date is important to keeping traffic flow, along with social media accounts.

Miller Designs is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and WordPress. Many other graphic programs have been used, but these seem to stand the test of time.

Photoshop is used for correcting images when necessary and Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are used for layouts.

Most logos are created in Adobe Illustrator as vector images so they can be sized and colors can be changed with ease. Various formats are supplied to the client after a final logo choice has been made.

WordPress is the chosen platform for designing websites. This platform provides the most flexibility with images, layout, e-commerce, security, backup, and almost any custom need desired to be added to a website. The WordPress interface allows the customer to create their own login to make updates after completion of the site, if desired.

Adobe Illustrator
In Design

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